Lindsay Lohan Wasn’t Surprised By Her Mom’s DUI, Bringing The Official Count Of Eyebrows Raised To Zero

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Dina Lohan mugshot for DUI September 2013

Except for Dina Lohan‘s eyebrows, which have been permanently raised by Botox.  Other than Dina, I don't think anyone else is surprised by her blood alcohol level or probable denial that she was in the wrong.   Including her recovering, recently rehabbed daughter Lindsay Lohan!  LOLz.  Actually it's not funny.  It's a pretty sad situation when you're actually not shocked by your mother putting her life and others' lives at risk by getting annihilated and driving all over Long Island.

A source close to the Lohans who is apparently not a fellow drunk confirms Lindsay's reaction to Dina's behavior.

“Lindsay wasn’t surprised that her mom got popped for a DUI. It was only a matter of time, according to Lindsay. Since being released from rehab, Lindsay has had limited contact with her mother because Dina can be a bad influence on her daughter’s sobriety.   Dina will say she is the last person that has a problem with booze, but she does. Lindsay loves her mom, but she is putting herself first, and her recovery, which is a very good thing.”

I'm all for Lindsay cutting both of her parents out of her life permanently, but since this is a family who can't seem to avoid the yearning desire for notoriety I doubt that's a realistic possibility.  Anyone who saw Dina's appearance on the Hot Mess Express/Dr. Phil show could plainly see she's a woman who abuses denial as much as she does Quaaludes and vodka, so Lindsay's recovery would best be served without a side of Dina.

Since I've gone ahead and put on my “Queen Know-It-All” cap for this post, I'm going to go ahead and say I sincerely doubt the fact that Dina's televised battle with her ex-husband aired on Wednesday and her DUI occurred Thursday night is a coincidence.   Thoughts?

Either way, I hope this serves as a wake-up call for the Lohan gals, but since the words “hope” and “Lohan” can rarely be properly used in a sentence not dripping in sarcasm or disdain, I'm going to go ahead and wait for the next disaster this family gets itself into.

Sigh.  It's too early in the morning for such cynicism!

(Photo:New York State Police Department via New York Daily News)