Lindsay Lohan’s Bar Fight Happened Over Max George From The Wanted

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As you already know, Lindsay Lohan got arrested last night for punching a girl because she refused to respect her right not to have to sit next to anyone at a crowded New York nightclub. But was that really the reason? According to TMZ, it was actually a sexy but victorless fist fight over who got to hook up with Max George from adult-themed boy band The Wanted. How very!

Allegedly, LiLo went to the Justin Bieber concert mainly to see opening act The Wanted, specifically: Max George, the hot bald one. After initially being denied entry to the backstage area, the plucky starlet succeeded in convincing the boys to go with her to Chelsea douchepit Avenue for some post-show drinks, at which point things got embarrassing:

As the evening wore on, we're told Lindsay got drunker and drunker … and it turned Max off. He then started talking to another woman, which enraged Lindsay. That woman is the one Lindsay is accused of battering.  (FYI — Max was also really drunk).

Ironically, Max washed his hands of both of them — found another girl in the club — and went home with her instead … while Lindsay ended up in jail.

CAT FIGHT!!! As much as I'd like to believe LiLo punched someone for sitting too close to her, this at least seems slightly more…not rational, but believable, maybe?

However, I think the best part of this whole thing is the little “FYI: Max was also really drunk” aside, because at least the “source” is trying to be an equal opportunity drunk-shamer.

As for the unknown girl Max ended up going home with in the end: she'd better hope she stays that way. She's seen what LiLo is capable of, and I'm not talking about acting like Liz Taylor.

(Via TMZ)

Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com