You Won’t Believe The Stuff Lindsay Lohan Is Calling Community Service… Or Maybe You Will

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You Won t Believe The Stuff Lindsay Lohan Is Calling Community Service  Or Maybe You Will tumblr n35xc3ZuBp1r5n0bgo1 500 gif

I know it sounds like we say Lindsay Lohan could be headed to jail all the time, but that’s just because Lindsay Lohan keeps doing things that could send her to jail. This time it has to do with not properly completing her community service for a 2012 reckless driving charge. Just wait until you hear what she’s trying to get away with.

According to TMZ, prosecutor Terry White is angry that she didn’t inform the court of the types of community service she was doing — which is why he objected to her completing the hours in London — and thinks she “manipulated the system.” He also thinks she “should do jail time for not completing legitimate community service.”

First of all, Lindsay reportedly claimed to have completed 80 hours of service in nine days. And apparently her community service organization allowed her to count some pretty bogus stuff. Stuff like 18 hours of credit for meeting and greeting fans after her London play Speed-the-Plow. Okay, first of all, that’s not community service; that’s your job. Second of all, how the hell could that possibly that add up to 18 hours?! She also apparently got 70 hours (!!!!) for letting young people follow her around for “work shadowing.” Except TMZ points out that she wasn’t even working at the time.

It sounds like LiLo tried to pull the old summer diary trick. You know the one. You’re assigned to keep a diary of everything you do each day of your summer vacation to turn in at the beginning of the school year. But of course you never actually write down anything you do, because you’re too busy partying having fun. So the night before school starts, you sit down and bullshit a bunch of diary entries about things you didn’t even do, mixed with a couple of exaggerated true stories that didn’t actually take place on the days you say they did. Gotta meet that deadline, yo.

Of course, Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Holley, who should just be nicknamed the Excuse Machine at this point, insists that Lindsay was only doing “what she was told to do.”

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