Lindsay Lohan Is Completing Her Community Service At A Daycare, Launches A Thousand Facepalms

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Lindsay Lohan Is Completing Her Community Service At A Daycare  Launches A Thousand Facepalms Lindsay Lohan shrugging GIF gif

Remember how Lindsay Lohan is required to complete 125 hours of community service for a 2012 reckless driving charge, but because she’s Lindsay Lohan she’s being totally careless about the whole situation? Like how she tried to count meet and greets with her fans and allowing young people to supposedly shadow her while she worked? Well, the May 28 deadline is fast approaching, and Lindsay has reportedly only legitimately completed 9 1/2 hours. According to TMZ, she’s chosen to finish her hours at Duffield Children’s Center in New York City.

That’s right, a daycare center. I’m pretty sure that’s definitively the worst place Lindsay Lohan could choose to complete her community service, besides in an operating room during brain surgery. I certainly hope the parents of these children were made aware of this situation and gave their approval, because I’m not sure I’d be okay with a paparazzi-hounded, frequently arrested, substance-abusing, in-and-out-of-court, generally irresponsible celebrity watching my kid.

It’s apparently happening, though, as Duffield sources tell TMZ that she’ll help with arts and crafts and reading as well as doing administrative work. Oh, and they say they’ve worked with Lindsay before and are “happy to have her back.” Seriously, dudes?

Of course, you’re probably wondering how the hell Lindsay is going to finish all those hours with only a couple of weeks left until her deadline. It’s kind of like trying to binge watch ten seasons of a drama series before the new season starts. TMZ calculates that she’ll have to work seven hours a day, seven days a week to get it all done in time. Yeah sure, can’t wait to see that happen.

Doesn’t this sound exactly like a movie plot? A washed-up former child star works at a daycare center to complete her last-minute community service hours, and in the process the children teach her valuable lessons about life and love and happiness, and she leaves a changed woman. Except in this case she’ll probably just work a couple of hours, post a few photos to Instagram, and somehow get away with continuing to be a complete trainwreck, because doesn’t she always?

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