Lindsay Is Going To Complete Her Community Service, Which Is Like So Rude To People Who Bet Against Her

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Lindsay Is Going To Complete Her Community Service  Which Is Like So Rude To People Who Bet Against Her Lindsay Lohan is there anything better than someone making a comeback GIF gif

I’ve got some bad news for anyone who bet in an office pool that Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t complete her court-ordered community service in time for the Thursday deadline. According to TMZ, it’s looking very likely that she will. I’m still pretty suspicious that there’s some bullshit at work here, but if it’s true is it bad to say that I’m disappointed? I was holding out hope that maybe, just maybe, she’d face some consequences this time around. I know, I’m such an optimist.

Earlier this month Lindsay went to Brooklyn to finish the 115 hours she had left to complete for a 2012 reckless driving charge. It seemed like way too tall an order for anyone, let alone Lindsay “I Don’t Feel Like It” Lohan. But TMZ reports that she only had 26 hours left going into Memorial Day weekend, during which time she worked at an LGBT youth center. Then on Tuesday she returned to the daycare center where she’s been working. Eight more hours today is apparently all Lindsay needs to be done.

Can you believe how rude Lindsay’s being to all the hard-working Americans who bet against her finishing her hours? A lot of good people are going to lose money because of you, Lindsay. Couldn’t you at least try to fail? Everyone was counting on you, and you just had to go and do what you were supposed to do, didn’t you? It’s like you don’t even care about us. Did you even consider for one second that we were rooting for you to go to jail? Typical Lindsay.

Lindsay apparently isn’t even planning to show up for her court hearing. She’s leaving for London Thursday morning, and her lawyer Shawn Holley will be there to report her completed hours. Let’s hope the judge doesn’t find anything wrong with what she’s done. Haha, just kidding, that’s exactly what I’m hoping. And I don’t even have any money riding on it.

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