Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Relapsed At Coachella, Which Is Exactly Where You’d Expect That To Happen

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Lindsay Lohan in New York City April 2014I'm no doctor, but Coachella isn't another name for a rehab facility that Lindsay Lohan spent spent her weekend at, right? Just want to make sure I have it right, that that's a notoriously alcohol- and drug-filled music festival in California, and not a rehabilitation center. Only because LiLo was hanging out there, and she's kind of supposed to be on the straight-and-narrow or whatever.

Anyway, Lindsay apparently went against the advice of the people closest to her and showed up at Coachella again this year. I understand that inclination, because it's something she does every year, but that's exactly why it shouldn't have happened. Part of getting yourself on the path to recovery after rehab is breaking old habits…especially ones that put you in close proximity to other people who are distinctly not breaking those habits.

Which is how we came to find ourselves in a situation where according to Radar Online, Lindsay was seen drinking a vodka soda. Sigh.

“Lindsay’s friend and family have been HOPING that she would stay sober, but they’ve been down this path before with her. She swears that she’s going to do the right thing and stay sober, then she doesn’t and she apologizes when people find out. But she doesn’t come clean to people close to her very easily.”

Which is kind of what I was getting at when I congratulated Lindsay recently for admitting on her Oprah docu-series that she'd slipped up and had a drink. It's really hard to stumble and get back up again, but as the cliche goes, admitting it is the hardest part. But while I praised her the first time around, the fact that she placed herself in a triggering situation like Coachella makes me feel like she hasn't learned anything from this process, and that worries me. Especially given that she's still pretending she's sober.

“Lindsay doesn’t have any court mandated rehab requirements coming up. And without that she would never go back and get treatment so she’s really not going to be held responsible for anything.”

Yup. That's the scary thing. There's no one to keep Lindsay sober now but Lindsay, and if she doesn't start paying attention, she really is gonna miss her last chance.

“Unfortunately this story wasn’t completely shocking and really no one was surprised. Lindsay was working hard to stay sober and everyone was really proud of her. They hope she can get back on the right track.”

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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