At Least Lindsay Lohan Got Her Act Together Long Enough To Shoot This Photo From Scary Movie 5

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Lindsay Lohan Scary Movie 5 photo still first look cameo Charlie Sheen walking pneumonia

Seriously, the fact that there is an image of Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen together in Scary Movie 5, that didn't have to be created through Photoshop wizardry, is LiLo's biggest achievement of the week. This time last week, Linds was claiming she had walking pneumonia so she wouldn't have to fly to the set to film what will literally be the most unforgettable joke in Scary Movie 5. That's right, Lindsay was freaking out about the potshots the writers took at her in the parody's opening scene, which has her in bed with the king of #winning. Probably because the lawyers buckled down on her and reminded her that she'd signed a contract. Really, when the guys in charge of Scary Movie 5 have to remind you of the legal ramifications of backing out, you know you're circling the drain.

As you can see, they got enough of the scene to put together this still, of Lindsay (I'm guessing) waking up from some bad dream to find that she's been sexing up Charlie Sheen. Or maybe it's a dream within a dream and he wakes up from this nightmare? Not that the first scene of these movies ever has anything to do with the actual plot, but judging from the synopsis it sounds like the movie is looking to mock Black Swan, with maybe a dash of Step Up:

Three dancers — one veteran performer and two upstarts who are also best friends — vie for the lead in a new production from a snooty, aloof, imperious, and oversexed director.

Well, at least the Lindsay saga is over, and once the movie comes out in 2013 we can probably waste time getting our jumbo popcorns or using the bathroom and miss her cameo entirely.

Photo: The Weinstein Company