Lindsay Lohan celebrates new year

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Lindsay Lohan has posted on Twitter her thoughts for how she will be starting her new year:

“Starting my new year off with friends&family, the way it should be….. No boyfriends and the other drama”

Then Lindsay posted two photos to Twitter, one of her wearing a neon pink bikini on a yacht with the message “Peace and Love Mates” and another photo that looks like Lindsay on a small plane with the message “Sending love, peace, and prosperity to all ;)” (click the photos below to see larger images)

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<br Sending love, peace, and prosperity to all 😉

According to X17online.com, Lindsay is visiting St. Barth. But supposedly, the weather isn't good there right now.

X17 also says Lindsay is expected at Russell Simmons' New Year's Eve bash.

So where will Lindsay spend New Year's Eve?

I hope she tweets throughout the night and sends more photos!