Club Manager Pulls A Dina Lohan And Takes Advantage Of Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan red hair Saturday Night Live interviews Matt Lauer Some days you just have to feel bad for Lindsay Lohan. Well actually everyday, because every morning she wakes up and Dina and Michael Lohan are still her parents and that sucks. But today I feel extra bad for her because she accidentally brushed a club manager with her car last night and he's planning to press charges even though he wasn't even hurt.

Last night while you were fast asleep in your bed, LiLo was out partying it up at the Sayers Club in Hollywood. On her way out she “brushed” the club manager with her car while attempting a 3-point turn and sped off. At the time the manager did not know it was Linds who brushed him with his car and told police as well as the paparazzi that he was totally fine.

But then at 6:06 this morning, TMZ reported the following:

“The club manager who Lindsay struck has gone to the emergency room and we're told he is going to press charges and hire an attorney. Cops told us they will open a hit-and-run investigation if the manager files a report.”

It's just uncanny how he was totally fine at the time of the accident and then hours later he went to the emergency room and hired an attorney. It's almost as if he realized that pressing charges against Lindsay Lohan would bring the club lots of free publicity as well as a possible cash settlement for himself.

The whole set-up stinks worse than salmon fishing in Yemen. I just don't buy that the club manager is actually hurt.

Or I guess what I'm saying is it looks like someone found Dina Lohan's spare copy of “How to Take Advantage of Lindsay Lohan While Making Yourself Out to be a Victim.”

Yes, Linds make lots of mistakes, including filling her face like a down pillow, but I don't think that means everyone can take advantage of her whenever she crosses their path. Or whenever her car crosses their path.

Give her a break, she's readjusting to being a redhead.