Lindsay Lohan Crashes Her Car, In Related News Amanda Bynes Sues Her For Stealing Her Signature Move

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It wouldn't be a Friday afternoon if Lindsay Lohan wasn't totaling her car by smashing it into the back of 18-wheelers on the Pacific Coast Highway. That's a new Friday afternoon rule I just made up. But it works because that's exactly what Lilo did around noon today. While sources say that she's just fine, her assistant went to the hospital in an ambulance. They're both at the hospital now and there's no current word on either condition. But Linds is already claiming the truck cut her off and this isn't her fault.

Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan are likely already in talks with the various networks to see the best way to spin this into a one-hour special.

(Photo: Mr. Blue/WENN)

And while Amanda Bynes has yet to publicly comment on this accident, we're sure she's flipping out over this blatant attempt to steal her spotlight. In the past few weeks, she's worked her way up the celebrity-shitshow ladder by hitting car after car after car and she was so closing to reaching the top. All she needed to do was sideswipe one more police car while clearly intoxicated and we would have awarded her the Tara Reid Prize for General Celebrity Messiness.

But no, Lindsay Lohan, the current 10-time title holder for the Tara Reid Prize for General Celebrity Messiness, had to worm her way back into the competition with this power play. As if her calculated nip slip earlier this week wasn't enough.

Life is so unfair to Amanda Bynes. At this point she'll have to quit acting and start acting again to get the spotlight back. Oh and also release a sex tape with former All That cast members. I'm sure Kel Mitchel's available.