Lindsay Lohan Trapped Herself Into Her Interview With Barbara Walters Because Of An Unpaid Hotel Bill

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Lindsay Lohan Trapped Herself Into Her Interview With Barbara Walters Because Of An Unpaid Hotel Bill lindsay lohan barbara walters hotel bill jpgWe were as surprised as anyone to learn that Lindsay Lohan is voluntarily sitting down with Barbara Walters to talk about her awful-looking new movie Liz & Dick, but now we learn that it wasn’t so voluntary after all. According to RadarOnline, LiLo had stated in her contract with Lifetime that she wouldn’t do any press prior to the movie’s premiere on November 25th.

But then Lindsay racked up a $46,000 hotel bill at the Chateau Marmont, which kicked her out back in August after she lived there for 47 days and treated it about how you’d expect Lindsay Lohan to treat a hotel suite. The Daily reports that she charged $3,100 to the minibar and $686 for cigarettes alone. Plus, there’s probably a fee for having the paramedics come revive her when everyone thought she’d passed out in her room, right?

Unable or unwilling to cough up the money, Lindsay argued that the producers were always supposed to pay for the bill. Finally, they reached a lesser-of-two-evils deal: The producers pick up the tab if Lindsay agrees to sit down with Barbara.

It’s difficult to tell who has the power here. One source told The Daily that Lindsay “had [the producers] over a barrel” and they had to acquiesce to her demands. But RadarOnline’s source makes it sound like Lindsay knows how stuck she is and reluctantly agreed. (Could it be because she simply doesn’t have the cash after lending mom Dina Lohan $40,000, just about the same amount she owes?)

And yet, it’s clear that the producers are doing everything in their power to preserve Lindsay’s shaky public image: Apparently they hand-picked Barbara, and even though no topic is off-limits, they’ve requested that she stick to Lindsay’s portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor and not to the 4 a.m. phone call to Michael Lohan and the question of whether Dina is addicted to cocaine.

After watching this video — where I guess LiLo doesn’t care if she’s talking to Lifetime and not mean outsider journalists — I don’t blame her for avoiding the press.

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