Lindsay Lohan At Boulevard 3 Night Club

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Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving Boulevard 3 Night Club in Hollywood Tuesday night out the back door, trying to avoid the photographers and covering herself with her handbag when she first got into the car.

According to Pacific Coast News, a Black Eyed Peas party was held there.

Lindsay Lohan at Boulevard 3 Night Club spl145825 001 lindsay lohan jpg

Lindsay has changed clothes from earlier in the day, but she still has on those black tights with the run in them. I totally don’t get it, but I guess she is doing it on purpose.

She’s wearing a sparkly black jacket over a black print dress or shirt.

You will notice in this video that the security there gets pretty upset with the photographers who don’t get out of the way as Lindsay’s driver tries to maneuever out of the parking spot.

Images: splashnewsonline.com and Pacific Coast News