Lindsay Lohan Posted An Arabic Message On Instagram That Doesn’t Mean What She Thought

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Lindsay Lohan Posted An Arabic Message On Instagram That Doesn t Mean What She Thought tumblr n35xc3ZuBp1r5n0bgo1 500 gif

Another day, another embarrassing Lindsay Lohan Instagram moment. No, she didn’t Photoshop her ass again or hashtag another racial epithet. She didn’t even post another photo that makes it look like she only has one boob. This time she posted a message to her followers in a foreign language. But according to Lindsay’s Law, anything that can go wrong on social media will. So obviously the message doesn’t mean what she thought it meant.

The language was Arabic. So not only is it a foreign language, but it also has an entirely different alphabet, making the chances of getting the meaning wrong so much higher. Anyone who has a Chinese tattoo that they thought meant “peace” but actually means “garbage” knows what I’m talking about. Lindsay thought the phrase meant “You’re beautiful,” but as it turns out, it actually means “You’re a donkey.” Because of course it does.

I am morally obligated to post this GIF:

Lindsay Lohan Posted An Arabic Message On Instagram That Doesn t Mean What She Thought Princess Bride you keep using that word gif


Lindsay has since deleted the Instagram post, but she forgot to delete the tweet that linked to it, in which she wrote “Habibi,” an Arabic term of endearment. So now it just links to a post that doesn’t exist anymore, an embarrassing reminder of her slip-up. Oh Lindsay. Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay.

When I read this news, my immediate reaction was of course to facepalm. But then all I could think about was how classically Lindsay this is. And you kind of have to admire how determined she is to continue making a fool of herself post after post after post. Any other person with that many Instagram #fails might just delete their account entirely to avoid future embarrassment. But not Lindsay. She just pretends it never happened and moves on to another stupid decision.

Next time you want to tell us we’re beautiful, just use English, Linds.

(GIF: Tumblr)