Amanda Bynes Can (Hit And) Run, But She Can’t Hide From Her Arch Nemeses Lindsay And Dina Lohan

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Amanda Bynes avoiding Lindsay Lohan New York City Dina Lohan Dr. Phil Entertainment Tonight interviewAs we know, Amanda Bynes has moved across the country from Los Angeles to New York City because she got her license revoked and, being unable to drive, has no way of getting around LA. I mean, she moved to start up her fashion designer career. Yeah, that's it. But like any old Western, Amanda has gotten the nasty surprise that there's someone who already owns her new turf, who she doesn't want to piss off: Fellow child star Lindsay Lohan. Not that LiLo is a permanent resident of the Big Apple, but she's certainly made it into our headlines after her own car-related scuffle last week.

With that in mind, Amanda is showing an astonishing amount of foresight in trying not to run into Lindsay around NYC. But as New Yorkers know, despite the city housing over 8 million people, you always run into that ex-hookup or former coworker you never want to see. Or, in the case of poor Amanda, the trainwreck who bitched on Twitter about why she still got punished for her misdemeanors while you were unfairly let off the hook.

According to RadarOnline, Amanda decided to slum it and stay with friends after she found out that not only was Lindsay staying in the Dream Hotel where Amanda had planned to live, but it was also the site of her recent arrest. Furthermore, the source says, “Amanda knows the press would go into a feeding frenzy if she and Lindsay were in the same place, so she is calling ahead to restaurants and stores to make sure that Lindsay isn't there. Amanda just wants nothing to do with Lindsay and doesn't know why she was commenting on her legal troubles when Lindsay is no saint herself.”

However, even if Amanda can barricade herself in her friends' Bushwick apartment and try to avoid the photogs, it won't be so easy to shake the Lohans. Remember how Dina Lohan appeared on the Dr. Phil show a few weeks back looking utterly wasted and blabbering about her daughters? Well, the momager orchestrated another interview, this time with Entertainment Tonight, to defend herself. She claimed that she was simply upset, not under the influence of anything—and really, she told ET, her real reason for doing this interview was to talk about what a fuck-up Amanda is.

Like mother, like daughter! Dina is using the exact same strategy of deflecting from her own ridiculous behavior by trying to divert attention to someone else's problems. And the worst part is, she plays the faux-sympathy card and acts like she doesn't want to talk about it. She told ET, “You know, I'm a mother and I feel that that's for her mother to speak about, and not me, because people have spoken for my child and myself, so I really feel that's for her parents to discuss and Amanda herself.” Except that she is discussing it, right there!

I definitely don't think that Amanda is a total victim here, but in this situation I'm more willing to take her side and call out the Lohans for bullying her. Also, can they all leave NYC and go somewhere where they won't be followed around by hordes of paparazzi? It's tough enough to walk through these streets.

Photo: Pedro Andrade/KVS