Curtsy And Say Hello To Lily James, Your New Live Action Cinderella

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Lily James Olivier Awards April 2013

Get out your finest plastic princess tiara and turn your pumpkin into a horse-drawn coach (if you have a pumpkin on hand, and also if you know magic), because we finally have our new live-action Cinderella! Disney has cast the lead role in Kenneth Branagh's upcoming adaptation of the classic fairy tale of lost shoes and found marriage. Her name is Lily James, and you might recognize her from a certain show about rich British people that rhymes with Fountain Cabby.

That's right. Mountain Scabby! Wait, no, that's not it. It's Downton Abbey. Who does she play on the show, you ask? Well, it's not Servant #7. On the contrary, Lily plays an “upstairs” character. She's Lady Rose MacClare, aka Violet Crawley's bratty niece. To be fair, Rose grew on me during her character arc, due in no small part to her wild and crazy 1920s hairdo. It was also because Lily managed to make her pretty likable, if flighty. So maybe this new role will work out well for her, and also for us as viewers who will be watching the movie with our eyeballs.

Lily's 24 years old and hasn't been in much yet besides Downton and the TV series Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which is not, as I first suspected, that movie Michael Scott on The Office saw that inspired him so much. That was More Secrets of a Call Girl. In case you were wondering.

You may remember that our dream best friend Emma Watson was connected to this role for a while but ended up dropping out. We were initially hoping another lovable Emma like Stone or Roberts or Thompson would bring a new spin to the role. But we now know that Hollywood does not take our advice. That's cool, Hollywood. You gotta do you.

I sure hope Lily can handle Cate Blanchett's terrifying luminescence as the movie's evil stepmother. And she should also meet with a mouse dialect coach so she understands the extras. Just a few tips. Congratulations, Lily!

(Photo: Daniel Deme/WENN.com)