Lily Allen And Azealia Banks Are Feuding So Hard That Lily Wrote A Song About It

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Lily Allen Hard Out There For A Bitch GIFGiven my complete obsession with celebrities feuding over Twitter, I have no idea how I missed this one — Lily Allen and Azealia Banks apparently hate each other so much that Lily wrote a whole song about it for her new album.

I'm always really bummed out when famous people make the mature decision to fight in person or in private so that I don't get to live vicariously through their arguments on the internet, so Lily and Azealia are right up my alley. They were hurling insults back and forth at each other over the summer, and things got pretty intensely heated. I don't totally understand where it started or who this @fabulousoa person is, but somehow in the process, Azealia called Lily weak, and it all escalated from there.


So in case you're keeping track, that's an accusation of doing coke and an insult to her husband. Comin' in hot, Azealia.

Just clarifying that she was in fact speaking to Lily by linking to her account. In case there was any confusion about whom she was insulting.

And Lily fires her first shot back. It's a doozy, if I do say so myself.

Wish she hadn't threatened violence, but in general cutting down someone's career is a lot more acceptable to me than bringing their family into it.

Annnnnd there we go. That's what did it. That's what got a song written about this whole thing. Some lady on the internet called your kids ugly and you channeled that annoyance into writing a song about it on your third album instead of continuing to let her troll you. Here's what she told Britain's BBC Radio 1:

“There was one person that was particularly nasty to me on Twitter for no reason and I was struggling with finding my voice … my writing voice. This one person was being particularly horrible to me and I happened to be in the studio at the time and it ignited this juvenile thing … so thank you Miss Banks.”

No thank you, Miss Allen. I look forward to hearing the aforementioned track and perusing any and all future correspondence between yourself and Miss Banks. Cheers, Miss Rhiannon.

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