Lil Wayne Has Had Two Seizures In Two Days, But Don’t Worry, He’s Good

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Alright Lil Wayne — I'm no doctor, but I think it might be time to change your habits or something, because your medical history of the past two days has been a little overwhelming. On Thursday, Weezy's plane (it's cool if I call him Weezy, right? I feel like an impostor) had to make an emergency landing in Texas after he had a seizure mid-flight. Let me say that again: he had a seizure. I mean, that's a pretty big deal, right? I don't know a lot of people who just go around having seizures and think it's no big deal. If I had a seizure, I think I'd use it as a totally viable excuse to take some time off of work and go somewhere nice and tropical, where some cabana boy could dose me up with pina coladas and drive me around to keep me from seizing at the wheel and killing some innocent person or coconut tree.

But that's not Weezy's style, because he was back on a plane the next day, Friday, and had another seizure and had to do another emergency landing, this time over Louisiana. Okay what? What is going on? Are seizures like allergies? Do you get them as the seasons change, when there's too much pollen in the air? If so, fine, carry on getting on planes and having seizures for the next week and a half. But if not — SLOW. DOWN. You are having seizures, Lil Wayne! Maybe don't get on a plane for a little while. Spend some time in a hospital, I don't know, but don't go right back to work! You're making me and my non-medical degree very nervous. Please listen to me and my bachelors degree in Theatre Arts and Japanese Language and take some time off.

That's not looking especially likely, though, as Weezy has already been released from the hospital and is tweeting away, saying:

Oh, you're good! Well that's a relief. I thought you were having seizures.

(Image: Aaron Gilbert / WENN.com)