Lil’ Wayne Got The Word ‘Baked’ Tattooed On His Forehead, Because He Is A Cake

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Looks like someone is getting his entry for “the worst celebrity tattoo decisions of 2013″ in early this year!

To celebrate his good decision making abilities, Lil' Wayne has gotten the word “BAKED” permanently inked across his forehead. According to Lil' Wayne HQ, the tattoo is a logo for Baker Skateboards, but I think I know what's really going on here: Lil' Wayne has decided he is a cake. Yes, like the food.

Some people think it's a double entendre referencing his well documented love of marijuana, but that would be too obvious. Lil' Wayne is a crazy ass rapper. He knows that he has to keep moving in order to stay relevant. Everyone in the game smokes weed at this point, but who has paranoid delusions that he is a popular birthday dessert? No one…until now.

Just you wait. Next he'll drop a hint in an interview that will make you go “wait, what?” and then he'll write a whole song about being a pastry, and we'll be too busy taking in his luscious, sugary aroma to wonder if he's okay.

Of course, there's a chance it is really just a logo, what with all the brands he's branded on his body already. But until we have an official statement from him, I'm going to believe my own theory.

(Via LilWayneHQ)

Photo: LWHQ