Lil Wayne Hospitalized, Was Dying, Then Wasn’t Dying, Is Now Recovering

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Lil Wayne Hospitalized But Not Dying

Lil Wayne has been hospitalized since earlier this week due to seizures, and TMZ (barf, I know) decided it was a great idea to report to the entire world and thus the entire rap world and every member of Wayne's family, that he was having his last rites read because he was on the cusp of death.

Oh wait, just kidding! TMZ was just kidding you guys!  Because joking about someone dying is hilarious!  Responding to these death reports, Mack Maine, president of Wayne's “Young Money” imprint (I'm not cool enough to know what that really is, sorry guys) had tweeted that the superstar was “alive and well” and bashed TMZ for its reports. “Dont believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe … that's false!!” Maine assured fans, and said he  and Wayne were watching the Syracuse game. 

Whew.  To further assure us that Weezy isn't decomposing into ashes to ashes, nor dust to dust:

Lil Wayne Hospital Tweet


So now everyone can relax and listen to his bad music without feeling sad.

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