Lil Mama Talks About Rihanna and Chris Brown

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Lil Mama says she’s confused about this situation in which Rihanna was  allegedly assaulted by her boyfriend BET Awards 2008Chris Brown.

The lovable judge of “America’s Best Dance Crew” says that she hasn’t had any communication with Brown. "I haven't spoken to Chris Brown in a while. Was I surprised [about what happened]? [I was] very surprised to hear how people went about speaking on what happened."

She explains that she doesn’t understand why people are upset about the situation "[I was] very surprised because there were allegations of Chris Brown and Rihanna having a fight and everyone just went crazy — the media, his fans, her fans. I mean, everybody just lost their minds. Nobody knows what happens still to this day, but everybody's talking. I don't understand that."

Regardless of the fact that he may have attacked his girlfriend, Rihanna Lil Mama is confident that she would work with Brown. "I would definitely record a song or work with Chris Brown at this very moment, I would. That's me."

Mama says she "respects [him] as an artist and I do not know what he's done in his personal life. I've heard allegations. I've seen pictures that might be false, that might be true.”

She’s also confused about the fact that Rihanna has been seen in public. "I have not heard from Rihanna. I see her in the media, taking pictures, going to events and living her life as she does normally, so I'm still confused. I don't know what's going on."

To them both, Lil Mama says, "I wish them both the best of luck. I wish them both all of the success in the world, which they deserve. As far as the way I feel about it, it's very confusing."

I don’t really know what there is to get about the situation, but that’s just me.

Image: Bauer-Griffin