Uh Oh, Lil’ Kim Is Starting To Look Like Michael Jackson

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Lil Kim Spotted in West Hollywood

It's time to talk about Lil' Kim‘s plastic surgery, guys.

The 38-year-old hiphop star was spotted out in West Hollywood earlier this week sporting a strange new look in her facial region. As you can see, her cheeks look extra apple-y, and her skin is stretched tighter than that curve-hugging dress she's wearing. Most unnerving, though, is the shape of her nose, which is starting to tilt upwards in that same extraterrestrial way that Michael Jackson‘s did after his surgery addiction had gotten out of control.

Here's a picture of Lil' Kim two years ago for comparison:

lil kim amanda lepore 120611

And here is a picture of her in 1999, right before Diana Ross famously fondled her boob:

1999 MTV Video Music Awards

Lil' Kim is certainly no stranger to plastic surgery; as Buzzfeed points out, she has had many difference procedures over the years. I also realize that it's a tricky continuum; who gets to judge how much plastic surgery is “too much”? When is someone having “tasteful” plastic surgery for rational, personal reasons, and when is someone acting out a disorder of some sort?

When you start to look like latter period Michael Jackson. 

At least, according to the admittedly arbitrary, but probably uncontroversial standard I just made up. Quit, Lil' Kim. Quit while you're…I don't want to say “ahead,” exactly, but not as far behind as you will be soon.

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