Lifetime’s ‘The Craigslist Killer’: The Highlights Reel

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Lifetime really outdid itself last night with its true life adaptation of The Craigslist Killer. Philip Markoff, the preppy med student accused of killing women he met through Craigslist, killed himself while incarcerated just this August. And already the docudrama team put together a film on the topic. On top of that, they cast Billy Baldwin and his ridiculously over the top Boston accent, and managed to become a trending topic on Twitter last night.

Congrats, team! Now, on to the most awesome parts of this campy thriller. Of which there were many. Like the fact that NFL/reality star Chad Ochocinco tweeted this last night:

“#dontjudgeme But am I the only one watching Craigslist Killer on LifeTime. Who left my tv on LifeTime any damn way … [stuff's] interesting though.”

But wait. There's more. Let's watch!