Video: Agnes Bruckner Almost Tricks Us Into Thinking Anna Nicole Smith Led A Good Life

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Video  Agnes Bruckner Almost Tricks Us Into Thinking Anna Nicole Smith Led A Good Life agnes bruckner anna nicole smith lifetime jpgLest you thought that Lifetime dealt with only one iconic female biopic at a time, in addition to the upcoming Liz & Dick movie, we also have The Anna Nicole Story to look forward to. Embodying the Playboy-centerfold-turned-exotic-dancer-turned-trophy-wife-turned-cautionary-tale is Agnes Bruckner, who you might recognize as the poor girl lured in by a murderous boyfriend in last year’s The Craigslist Killer.

Entertainment Tonight visited the set, where Agnes was just gushing about her character. The thing is, she sounded so hard like she was trying to be positive that I just couldn’t take her seriously. When asked what Smith’s most outrageous moments were, she demurred, “It’s just such a fascinating story to me. There were so many different layers to her, and she was so iconic and so larger-than-life. It was just something that I was like, ‘This is gonna be really scary but it’s gonna be really awesome at the same time.'”

Wow, she sounds way more enthusiastic about the role than I would’ve expected any actress to be. She continues to remember Anna Nicole Smith’s life through rose-colored glasses with this quote: “She had so many ups and downs—weight gain and then lost it, she was messy and crazy and then she was really put-together at times… She had so many amazing moments.”

I had to laugh that she amended her statement with “at times” because I can’t actually think of a single media appearance that Smith made where she wasn’t slurring or falling all over herself. And of course all that mess carried on after her death, when her lawyer Howard K. Stern was locked in a custody battle over their alleged daughter. You don’t even hear Lindsay Lohan trying to sell herself playing Elizabeth Taylor; she openly admits that the diva’s life was filled with drama that she’s trying to recreate.

In fact, the juiciest detail I wanted to hear from Agnes was her explaining her transformation from “a brunette tomboy” into the blonde model. She says something about “prosthetics” around 1:30, but what prosthetics? Fake boobs? The masses need to know!

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