Lifetime’s TallHotBlond Reveals The Dangers Of The Internet As Well As Middle-Aged Men

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Last night, Lifetime premiered TallHotBlond, the true story of Thomas Montgomery (Garret Dillahunt), a grown man who gets caught up in an online affair with a teenager. Sound familiar? Probably because Lifetime loves to preach about the dangers of the internet (clearly the network is run by an Amish). As well as the dangers of a bad marriage. Both are horribly evil things that will result in murder.

Unlike other movies with this plot, TallHotBlonde takes a look at the male side of the story. Or at least, that's the initial attempt. What it really turns into, however, is a break down of a mid-life crisis. Take a look ladies; this could be your husband some day!

Or if you're even luckier, your online suitor.