Lifetime’s Saved By The Bell Clip Will Get You More Pumped Up Than Overdosing On Caffeine Pills

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The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Movie on Lifetime

Everything I know about life, I know from watching Saved by The Bell. Where else would I have learned how to clean a duck after a tragic football field oil spill? Or how to multi-task when I have a lot of schoolwork as well as a big dance to perform?  Or most importantly, how to deliver my principal's wife's baby in the event that you get trapped in an elevator together? Nowhere! That's where. Saved by the Bell singlehandedly taught me every life skill I use today. Including, but not limited to, freezing time in order to deliver a key monologue.

So naturally I'm freaking the Ms. Bliss out about the Lifetime movie that promises to show us what went on behind the scenes of the hit show. Correct me if my math is wrong here, but I'm pretty sure Saved by the Bell + Lifetime = Cancel the Oscars because the race is already won. Our good friends at Lifetime just released a clip from The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Movie and oooo preppy, is it going to be good!

First of all, we learn there's major tension between Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (Alyssa Lynch) and Lark Voohries (Taylor Russell). Which makes sense because Tiff-Am had to kiss all the hot guys on the show every week while Lark had to  try to make a story line about being stalked by someone who optionally goes by the name “Screech” into slapstick comedy. So I see why they might not love each other. Also it probably doesn't help that Lisa's rich and Kelly can't even afford to go to prom.

Then we learn that Dustin Diamond (Sam Kindseth) competed with Mario Lopez (Julian Works) as to who is stronger. Because, sure, that seems like something that definitely happened. While every second of this clip is my favorite part, my most favoritest part is defintely when Dustin looks into Mario's eyes and calls him a prick. And Mario responds by being all “do you want to say that to my face?” even though Dustin just did exactly that. This is precisely the kind of utter nonsense that's getting me so excited (soooo excited!) to watch this movie when it airs on September 1st.