Lifetime Movie Sugar Babies Was Just Like Sex And The City, Except Not

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Of course, James’ support doesn’t stop there. He also buys Katie a fancy dress and accessories. She gets a little freaked out when she hears him say, “You don’t take this for granted like other girls.” She seems so shocked that she’s not the only young impressionable college student James has done this with.

Instead of realizing she should just stop this and go back to her dorm to read a book, Katie continues to see James, and she’s apparently so confident in his willingness to give her money that she starts dipping into her Italy fund to pay for champagne when she and her fellow sugar babies go out. Unfortunately right before she needs to make a payment for her trip, James goes radio silent. They’re supposed to meet up for dinner, but James sends his friend in his place. Wow, I would have never expected James to be such a dick, except that oh right, I totally did.

Katie goes home for Thanksgiving and gives her father the birthday present she bought for him with part of her Italy money. It’s a $1,500 chair. She lies and says she’s been “consulting” for money. Like most Lifetime parents, these two have absolutely no idea what their daughter is doing. Imagine their surprise, therefore, when Mom discovers notifications from SugarBabies.com on Katie’s phone. Katie explains that she’s dating men “who will support my dreams,” unlike her non-wealthy loser of a dad, who apparently forced her mother at gunpoint to abandon her ambitions and marry him, and who never gave her money or fancy clothes in exchange for sex. Wow, what an asshole.

Katie’s fellow sugar babies are having problems of their own. Tessa finds out that Leo hasn’t been paying for her condo and she’s going to lose everything. She admits to Katie that her father isn’t rich like she let everyone believe. He’s actually a deadbeat, and she grew up in a trailer park. Katie tries to encourage her to give up being a sugar baby so that maybe she can find love, which leads to Tessa delivering the best line of the whole movie: “Love was invented for poor people!”

Meanwhile, Rochelle finally decides to have sex with Saul (after he writers her a letter of recommendation, aww), only to have him die before she can even get her teddy off. She calls Tessa for advice on what to do, and Tessa of course tells her to just leave so no one finds out about their arrangement. Rochelle instead chooses to do the right thing and call 911. She takes a second to decide what to call Saul. “The old guy I was about to have sex with”? Nah, better just go with “friend.”

Katie starts to purge her life of everything to do with James. She decides not to go on the trip to Italy, returns the money he gave her, and donates the clothes. (Girrrrrl, what are you doing? Sell those!) Then she returns to the scene of the vomit to to talk to Sean. Unfortunately she hears his friend talking about her being a sugar baby and, after a really shrill argument, storms off.

She’s actually considering dropping out of school to avoid people judging her, because apparently at this huge college everyone not only knows who she is but also that she slept with a rich guy for money. Her dad drives several hours to convince her not to throw her future away because of what other people think, so she stays. She makes up with Sean and insists on paying for their date. Haha, very funny. So I guess the movie’s over now, right?

No? It’s not? We still have to listen to Katie’s Carrie Bradshaw narration explaining what everyone learned and telling us that Sasha married one of her sugar daddies, Saul left Rochelle money in his will (I’m sure his family loved that), and Tessa moved to New York to pursue modeling? Oh, and that Katie herself was able to go to Italy on a post-grad scholarship? Well, at least she says “The End” out loud so we know it’s really over.

(P.S. What is with this “Mixologist and a Movie” thing with Erin Foley making snarky comments during commercial breaks? That’s my job!)

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