Lifetime Movie Sugar Babies Was Just Like Sex And The City, Except Not

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Last night Lifetime premiered the movie Sugar Babies. You might be thinking it was just like another Lifetime movie that already exists called Sugar Daddies. I thought the same thing before I watched, and I was expecting a recycling of the same plot — college girls start sleeping with older men to help pay for college, but it has disastrous and deadly results. Except some of the so-called sugar babies in this movie don’t even do the first part, and you can just go ahead and forget about any murder and intrigue. This movie was mostly about young women learning life lessons while cheesy rom-com music played.

The movie’s main sugar baby is Katie (Alyson Stoner), your typical Lifetime movie girl. She’s just transferred to a new college where she Hermiones her way through art history classes and has an encyclopedic knowledge of antique furniture. Unfortunately, despite all that supposed intelligence, when it comes to making responsible decisions for herself, she’s a complete imbecile.

Katie meets head sugar baby Tessa (Tiera Skovbye) when she offers to let her borrow her textbook for a class they’re in together. Tessa is 23 years old and still in college, even though she wants to be a model, something she’s also getting too old for. She’s hooking up with a married 40-year-old named Leo (Steve Bacic) who pays for her to live in a fancy condo, and she’s the kind of girl who lets new acquaintance Katie see her naked boobs while she changes clothes.

Tessa and her friends Sasha (Eva Day) and Rochelle (Sarah Dugdale, the stolen daughter in Stolen Daughter) use a website called SugarBabies.com to find older men who will pay for their college expenses. Rochelle is like so not into the sex part of the deal, so she approaches her first meeting with potential sugar daddy Saul Williams (Ken Camroux-Taylor) like the interview for an internship, insisting that they won’t do the do, but that she expects him to pay $3,000 a month for her to go to events on his arm and sit in on business calls. Instead of being like, “Hahahaha, you’re in the wrong movie, young lady,” Saul actually agrees to the terms.

Meanwhile, Katie has been flirting with a cashier at the bookstore named Sean (Keenan Tracey, the evil new kid in Text to Kill). He invites her to a frat party, and she inexplicably accepts. It’s there that Sean throws up all over her shoes. I don’t know what she expected to happen. Isn’t getting your shoes thrown up on at a frat party kind of like a two-drink minimum at a comedy club? Anyway, once Katie cleans herself up, she accepts an offer from Tessa to go to dinner with her, her sugar daddy Leo, and Leo’s rich friend James from England. James is played by an actor named Giles Panton who, despite being named Giles, is not actually English. And it’s not hard to tell.

Katie gets drunk and flirts with James, and they end up making out. As a reward for this, James pays off her account at the bookstore. Katie is totally weirded out by this, and she’s even more weirded out when Tessa tells her about her sugar baby ways. Katie doesn’t feel comfortable receiving money from a man she’s hooking up with. That is, until she gets accepted into a study-abroad program in Italy and has to come up with $7,000. Then she’s all, “Oh hey, James. I just met you, and this is crazy, but give me $7,000 and I’ll sleep with you on a couch in this furniture showroom.”

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