If The Couple In Lifetime’s Sole Custody Weren’t Cops, The Movie Would Not Be Possible

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I had a few problems with this week's new Lifetime movie Sole Custody. One of those problems is that almost the whole movie was spoiled for me by a particularly revealing onscreen TV guide description. The other problem is that everything was just a little too convenient. I'm used to suspending my disbelief big time every week during these movies, but this time it was just a bit too much for me. How exactly was this movie convenient, you ask? The husband and wife are both cops. If they were not both cops, this story would be very hard to tell.

The first half of the movie focuses on said cops' crumbling marriage. Zoey (Julie Benz, who has a history of kicking ass on Lifetime) and Barry (Rick Ravanello) work at the same precinct, but Zoey works during the day trying to catch cyber stalkers — making her good with computers — while Barry does shift work and usually isn't home until late at night. Very late at night if he decides to go to the bar and cheat on his wife. Sometimes Zoey texts him “where r u?” (Really? You are a grown woman), but he doesn't reply. Barry's moodiness, coupled with the fact that they're in a Lifetime movie, causes Zoey to suspect he's being unfaithful, so she follows him one night and sees him putting his mouth on a mouth that is definitely not hers.

We soon learn that, in addition to being a cheating bastard, Barry's also a little bit intense. When Zoey locks him out of the house that same night, she has to call the cops on him because he's being so aggressive. The cops who also happen to be their co-workers and friends and convince Barry to leave. But before he goes, he whispers to Zoey, “You'll regret this.” Gee golly, I hope he doesn't do something drastic that he'd never get away with if he weren't a cop.

Despite his threatening nature and the whole cheating on her thing, Zoey takes Barry back after he gives her a half-assed apology and a promise to change. They have a happy family dinner with their son Timmy (Maxwell Kovach) and then partake in a little makeup sex. Barry even calls to talk to Timmy when he's called to the site of a car accident involving a boy his age. I'm sure that car accident and the fact that he was reminded of Timmy won't be significant later in the movie at all. And I'm sure his job as a cop won't come into play with that at all either. AT ALL.

Barry quickly becomes just as much of a douche as he was before, staying out late again. So Zoey talks to her lawyer and has Barry served at work by a hot lady. Not gonna lie, that scene was extremely satisfying. The papers contain a court order for Zoey to have sole custody of Timmy, which Barry is not happy about. Gee golly, I hope he doesn't do something drastic that he'd never get away with if he weren't a cop. Yeah, I know I said that before.

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