Lifetime Movie Patient Killer Features The Flirtiest Therapist In History

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Lifetime Movie Patient Killer Features The Flirtiest Therapist In History Lifetime movie Patient Killer jpg

Last night’s Lifetime movie Patient Killer should have been called Patient Watcher, because that’s what I had to be while I waited to find out what the hell it was about. And even then I didn’t totally understand how everything fit together. It was two hours of red herrings that were never really explained. The only thing I know for sure is that the main character, therapist Victoria, is waaaaay too flirty with her patients. And with everyone, for that matter.

Victoria (Victoria Pratt, because why bother making your actors remember a different name than their own?) continues to have nightmares about a patient of hers who killed himself after falling in love with her. I wonder if she did things like write “To my favorite patient” in his signed books and exchange lingering glances with him during their sessions. Because that’s what she does with Derek (Patrick Muldoon), a man struggling with OCD. Gee, I sure hope he doesn’t fall in love with her too!

Meanwhile, Victoria gets a new patient named Blaire (Barbie Castro) who’s been having some of the same symptoms as the patient who killed himself. Victoria performs hypnotherapy on her, but that doesn’t stop the woman from needing to see her all the time. Even though she tells her other patients that they can’t get too close, Victoria is totally cool with canceling her dates with her boyfriend to see Blaire and even going over to her house to talk to her. I thought for a while that Blaire was going to declare her love for Victoria as well.

As if that weren’t enough people obsessed with Victoria, she also used to have a thing with her mentor. She goes to visit him to talk about the similarities between the two patients, and they spend half the time making eyes at each other and exchanging suggestive remarks. Later in the movie they go to a restaurant where mermaids swim past them in a tank. The mermaids are never mentioned, and they just have their serious conversation as if nothing is weird about it. It ranks high on my list of most WTF Lifetime movie moments.

Oh, and in case you thought there were already enough people in the movie Victoria flirts with, there’s also her boyfriend Jason (Casper Van Dien). But he’s probably totally normal, right? Wrong. He clearly has anger issues, as evidenced by him punching a wall in a jealous rage and then storming off saying, “I need to leave before I punch something else.”

So, to sum up Victoria’s character, she really likes being flirty with unstable people who become way too attached to her. But that’s not what the movie’s about. At least, I don’t think it is. Weird things start to happen, like Victoria’s office is broken into and her recordings are stolen. Her boyfriend is also beaten up and has to go to the hospital. Who could have done such a thing?

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