Lifetime Movie Directory: Bitches Get Stuff Done

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What’s better than a lady detective/lawyer/psychologist solving a crime and hooking up with a hot cop on the side? Nothing, I tell you! Nothing.

Hunt for the Labyrinth Killer
A lady lawyer defends her father in a serial killer case, daddy issues ensue, and the lady lawyer fails to hook up with the hot cop.

The Toyman Killer
A lady psychologist investigates a crime involving creepy dolls, reenacts every horror movie ever, and succeeds in hooking up with the hot cop.

Lifetime tricks us into watching a TV pilot by disguising it as a two-hour movie where Mena Suvari is a lesbian.

An Amish Murder
Neve Campbell and her fur hat solve the murder of an Amish girl, fail to solve the mystery of why the Amish are so popular these days.

Willed to Kill
A lady cop tracks down a serial killer, puts together a lot of crazy corkboards, and hooks up with a hot non-cop.

The Eleventh Victim
A released serial killer seeks revenge on a lady lawyer, art is involved, and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS NANCY GRACE IS FLIRTING WITH METTA WORLD PEACE.

Baby Sellers
A HSI agent tries to bust Kirstie Alley for buying babies, while I try not to be distracted by how long Kirstie’s hair is.

Taken: The Search For Sophie Parker
This is the ultimate Bitches Get Stuff Done movie, and there’s the added bonus of long hair and leather jackets.

Status: Unknown
The bitch in this movie isn’t a cop or a shrink or anything, but she does get stuff done, so I’ll give her a spot here, JUST THIS ONCE.

The Grim Sleeper
If you like really long Law & Order episodes, you’ll love this movie.

The Trials of Cate McCall
Zzzzzzz…. oh sorry, I was just watching this movie.

Sole Custody
A divorcing couple fight for custody of their son, and the fact that they’re both cops is pretty darn helpful.

Deliverance Creek
Lifetime annoys a lot of people by airing a TV pilot disguised as a movie and leaving many unanswered questions.

A Warden’s Revenge
This movie will make you side eye the prison system, but there’s a ton of girl power so whatever.

Big Driver
Maria Bello gets violent revenge on her rapist, and whoa this is only a TV-14?

Watch Your Back
I actually guessed a twist ending for once! Hurray me!

Stolen Daughter
Yet another lady cop gets stuff done.

Lost Boy
Virginia Madsen is not going to let her formerly missing son who might not really be her son kill her other son… or something.

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