Lifetime Movie Killing Daddy Has A Soundtrack As Literal As Its Title

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Lifetime movie Killing Daddy 2

Oh yeah, there's that little thing to take care of as well. Dirtbag Jake returns demanding his money, and Callie gets the brilliant idea for him to do the titular daddy-killing, and in return he'll get part of her inheritance. So she distracts Emma by watching her favorite show, America's Favorite Talent Show (which has also provided part of the soundtrack), with her, while Jake sneaks in and smothers Daddy with a pillow. Everyone's very sad, and they have a funeral which Callie attends in a cocktail dress and a choker. And yet people still don't realize she's evil. Emma, however, begins to be a little suspicious when she sees Callie talking to Jake, who has shown up to the funeral like a dumbass.

Speaking of Jake, Callie eventually goes over to his motel to pay part of what she owes him, but he wants it all at once, and he's got the perfect incentive — a recording of Callie asking him to commit the murder. Oh dear, how inconvenient. Good thing Callie brought along her daddy's gun and a lighter, so she can shoot Jake in the chest and then set his room on fire to the tune of hard rock. She wakes up refreshed and ready to fire Emma before going out for a shopping trip set to the tune of  — I kid you not — a song repeating “money on my mind” over and over. LITERAL SOUNDTRACK STRIKES AGAIN!

And Callie might have gotten away with it too if it weren't for that meddling housekeeper! Emma sees a news story about Jake's death, and she somehow remembers seeing him at the funeral even though he was far away from her and is very generic-looking. But whatever, I'll suspend my disbelief. This is where Emma starts to piece everything together. She discovers that Jake is from Missouri, where Callie said she'd last been, and that Daddy's gun is missing a bullet. She confronts Callie about it when she gets home, which leads Callie to knock her out with the gun, which Emma just left out on the table. She was smart enough to remove the bullets but not smart enough to realize people can also hit you with guns. Also not smart enough to keep a tape recorder in her pocket to record Callie's confession. WATCH MORE LIFETIME MOVIES, LADY.

Callie plans to force Emma to take a bunch of pills so it looks like she killed herself (I guess nobody will wonder about the bump on her head where she was hit by a gun). Then the lawyer shows up and Callie threatens to shoot him. Thankfully Emma is able to talk her out of it. She assures her that her mother was mentally ill and her father tried to save her from becoming the same. Because talking to crazy people always gets them to drop the gun, Callie does just that. She ends the movie looking spacey in a mental hospital. That's the third Lifetime movie in the past month and a half to end with a woman in a mental hospital, by the way. In case you're keeping track. This scene shockingly does not feature a song repeating the lyrics, “She's crazy in a mental hospital, crazy in a mental hospital!”

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