Lifetime Is Currently Filming A Jodi Arias Movie — What Took Them So Long?

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Tania Raymonde Cloverfield premiere January 2008

Tania Raymonde will play Jodi Arias

In case you were staying up nights biting your fingernails to the nub and rewatching The Surrogate on a loop, wondering when Lifetime would get going on their inevitable movie about newly convicted murderer Jodi Arias, have no fear. It's already filming, two days after the conviction, and you can watch it next month. That's right, next month. Because Lifetime doesn't waste time. They've got a movie to show every Saturday (except on the rare weeks they show Tyler Perry movies instead), and they've got countless hot topics to cover “creatively.”

That's right, this movie is going to be fictionalized. Because when you start a script eight months before the trial it's based on has even begun (true story), you've got to do some improvising. In this case, that improvisation apparently involved rewriting the existing script to include the new developments from the case. And the filmmakers took a distinct point-of-view early in the process, according to Arturo Interian, vice president of original movies for Lifetime, who talked to NBC News:

“We approached this story creatively from the point of view that Travis was the victim, and were trying to wrap our arms around why Jodi did what she did,” Interian said. “I think the verdict certainly validated our approach…I think people are fascinated with Jodi and I think this film is a serious attempt to look at what makes her tick. At the same time, I think what’s been lost in this story is the victim in this case.”

Cue total brain malfunction on my part. A Lifetime movie where a man is a victim? Stop, it's too much for me to wrap my “arms” around.

The movie, which is reportedly titled Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story, has cast Tania Raymonde of Lost fame (Hey there, Alex!) as Arias, and Jesse Lee Soffer will play Travis Alexander, the ex-boyfriend Arias was convicted of murdering. The movie is filming in Los Angeles.

While I think it would have been even more Lifetime of them to have the movie ready to air this weekend, I have to give them props for avoiding the horrible, horrible mistake they made a few months ago by waiting over a year to put the Casey Anthony story on the small screen. I mean, c'mon, what took them so long with that one? That was a disaster. By the time that movie aired, I'd already gotten more than my fill of Nancy Graceisms, and there was really nothing left to be said.

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