Lifetime Movie Happy Face Killer Is A Thorough Checklist Of Serial Killer Cliches

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Lifetime Movie Happy Face Killer Gloria Reuben 2014Keith is really determined to be as clichéd a serial killer as possible, so he starts recording video confessions in his best evil person voice, admitting that he's had these urges to kill for a while now but hasn't acted on them. He also mentions that he doesn't like it when women get sarcastic with him. Good thing he never met me then.

While the cops are investigating Sissy's murder, a woman comes in and says she and her boyfriend did it. At this point Keith's already killed another lady and tried to kill a third one, a prostitute, if only her screaming baby hadn't given him second thoughts. Agent Gand is suspicious of the woman who confessed because her house contains murder materials in plain sight, and there's a book titled How to Leave an Abusive Relationship. Obviously this woman wants to get her boyfriend thrown in jail. But sheriff and the D.A. don't believe Gand, probably because she's a lady, and ladies in Lifetime movies don't get no respect.

Someone else who's not so happy about other people taking credit for his handiwork is Keith, who's so determined to let people know what an awesome serial killer he is, he writes a confession on a bathroom stall, adding a piece of evidence only the killer would know and signing it with a smiley face. In addition to this, he starts writing crazy letters to the D.A. and Gand herself. By this time they've found another girl dead, but the D.A. is still like, “Nah, it was a copycat. That lady and her boyfriend did it.” Why can no one see what lady cops in Lifetime movies see?!

I should mention that while all this is happening, Keith has also become engaged to a diner waitress named Diane Loftin (Stephanie von Pfetten), who's blissfully unaware that he's a serial killer. Isn't it nice when you're still in the fairy tale period of your relationship before you realize your boyfriend murdered a bunch of women? Ah, so romantic.

Gand is determined to find the real killer, and the prostitute with the baby whom Keith almost killed proves useful. She gives Gand a name, which is usually very important in investigations like this. Gand questions Keith herself and right away is like, “Oh yeah, this guy definitely did some murders.” But she can't arrest him just yet, so she goes to his ex-wife and his brother to ask some questions. And they're both pretty much like, “Yeaaaah, there's something up with him.”

Eventually Keith gets fed up with Diane's constant need to plan their stupid wedding that he implied he wanted to have when he gave her that sparkly ring and asked her to marry him. Ugh, so annoying. He blows up at her, and she finally sees those crazy eyes, so she says she wants to postpone the wedding. Keith does not like that idea, so he kills her and puts her in the basement. That's where Gand and the cops find her at the beginning which is really the end that I mentioned before.

All that's left now is to find the bastard and arrest him. The cops work with Keith's dispatcher, so while Keith is having a meltdown on the side of the road shooting his gun into thin air, they call him to say there's a job for him at a specific location. Little does Keith know that location is where he'll be arrested. See ya, Keith. Thanks for checking off so many serial killer requirements.

Now that the job is done and she's apparently been there for two years (!!!), it's time for Gand to leave. But not before she receives word that there's new info about her sister's killer. Because this is Lifetime, where everything important happens at once.

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