Death Clique Proves All Lifetime Movies Should Be Teen Lifetime Movies

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Death Clique Proves All Lifetime Movies Should Be Teen Lifetime Movies Lifetime movie Death Clique 2014 jpg

I had high hopes for Death Clique to break the recent trend of boring and/or annoying Lifetime movies. It has “death” in the title, for one, which is never a bad sign (except for the characters). But most importantly, it’s about teenagers. Teen Lifetime movies are my favorite, especially when there’s murder involved. There’s just something so entertaining about watching all the formulaic Lifetime events go down, with the added pressure of getting your homework in on time. And this one did not disappoint. Can all Lifetime movies be teen Lifetime movies from now on?

We begin our story watching a very drunk woman stumble through her house, knock over a lamp to achieve maximum creepy light flickering, and beg her daughter Ashley to help her off the ground. Ashley (Tina Ivlev) is wearing patterned leggings, and she is so not into helping her mom. The feather earrings she wears in the next scene at school are another clue letting us know she’s EVIL. She also happens to be the second coming of Evan Rachel Wood, which should be another red flag. Also the cheesy Halloween-style music that plays over the movie’s title.

Ashley’s the new girl in town, and she walks into Spanish class like she owns the place. That’s where she meets Sara (Lexi Ainsworth) and Jade (Brittany Underwood). Here’s where things get a little confusing. You’d think Jade would be the evil bohemian girl, right? I mean, the name just screams it. No offense to anyone named Jade. I know how you guys can get, wink wink. But no, ASHLEY is the evil girl, and Jade is just the girl she becomes obsessed with and gets involved in a murder. But we’ll get to that.

Sara and Jade are like the bestest of friends. They’re the types of pals who cheat off each other’s tests and are so grateful for the help they say “Thank you” to each other, even though it’s like the first rule of cheating to not draw attention to yourself by doing things like talking. Jade want to invite Ashley to be their new friend, but Sara’s real possessive of her BFF, and also Ashley’s got the crazy eyes, so she’s not so into the idea.

Sara, Jade and Ashley go to a party together, where Ashley 1.) flirts with the guy Sara likes, 2.) purposely spills a drink on Sara, and 3.) takes an awkward over-the-head selfie video of the three of them dancing and then stares at it creepily when she gets home. So much drama and we’re just getting started! I haven’t been this excited since Dirty Teacher!

Jade and Ashley get closer, skipping class and slashing a teacher’s tires and having sleepovers during which Ashley watches Jade while she sleeps before evilly cuddling up to her. You know, the kinda stuff you do with your best friend. This is a good time to mention that I’m so not sure if this movie wants us to think Ashley is a lesbian or just really possessive of her female friends. There’s a moment later where she seems to flirt with a girl who then runs off to her boyfriend like a skittish animal, leaving Ashley looking sad, so that might mean the answer is yes? Since when did Lifetime movies decide to be subtle?

Ashley starts to turn Jade against Sara like some sort of leather-vest-wearing svengali. At one point Ashley tells Sara’s crush that she’d totally have sex with him against a tree in the woods, but when he tries to make that happen she’s really not into it. And she also doesn’t have a ride home because Jade and Ashley have abandoned her. Wow, the only way this girl’s life could get any worse is if she was murdered or something…

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