Lifetime’s Christmas In The City Teaches The Meaning Of Christmas, Which We Somehow Keep Forgetting

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Lifetime movie Christmas in the City Ashley Williams 2013

This week's Lifetime movie Christmas in the City was all about remembering the true meaning of Christmas and keeping tradition alive and blah blah blah sponsored by Fox News. It made me realize how many times we as humans forget the meaning of Christmas. I'm not being schmaltzy. I really want to know why we can't retain that information in our minds after we've seen five hundred movies explaining it to us. Is it like high school math? As soon as we take the test it seeps out of our brains and we have to learn it all over again next year?

This week's heroine is shockingly a single mom. But if she weren't single, how would she get her Christmas wish of falling in love with a hottie? Wendy Caroll (Ashley Williams, who really needs to play Lauren Cohan's sister in something stat) runs her late father's candy shop with her mother (Beverly Leech), but they've fallen on hard times and the shop is facing foreclosure, as evidenced by the FORECLOSURE NOTICE in Wendy's hand. Lifetime must have some kind of prop warehouse brimming with depressing documents covered in huge, readable text.

Wendy is determined to save the shop in time for Christmas, so she and her yell-acting daughter Grace (Kylie Noelle Price) head to the city (no specific city, just “the city”), to stay with her friend Angie (Shanola Hampton), who's gotten her a job at Wolmans department store. The owner's nephew Tom (Jon Prescott) thinks Wendy is super cute, judging by his creeper stare, so he has her start working right away in the toy department.

Unfortunately things can't be as magical and romantic as Wendy might hope, since there's a professional bitch arriving by the name of Teanna (played by Ashanti, whom I didn't realize was still a thing). After her requisite Miranda Priestly stiletto-stepping-out-of-a-limo shot, she gets to work helping Wolmans increase sales. We soon learn that she's plotting with an investor to oust Tom's uncle, even though she at the same time seems to be in love with Tom. Her boob-restricting dresses must be cutting off the circulation to the rational part of her brain.

Meanwhile Wendy is learning the ropes in the toy department. Angie explains that the cash deposit bag goes in the drawer at the end of the day and it's WENDY'S RESPONSIBILITY TO DO THAT. I wonder if something will go wrong with that later in the movie. It's weird when I have these hunches.

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