Lifetime Movie A Wife’s Nightmare Was Actually More Of A Weird Dream

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Lifetime Movie A Wife s Nightmare Was Actually More Of A Weird Dream Lifetime movie A Wifes Nightmare December 2014 jpg

If there’s one thing Lifetime’s good at, it’s showing movies with “Nightmare” in the title. We’ve had A Sister’s Nightmare, A Daughter’s Nightmare and A Mother’s Nightmare, so obviously it was about time we had A Wife’s Nightmare. Except this time it didn’t really feel very nightmarish until the very end of the movie. Up until then it was more of a strange dream, like the ones where you run into George Clooney at the supermarket and he asks if your toilet is working since he fixed it, and in the dream you’re like, “Yep, thanks a lot, George Clooney” but then when you wake up you’re like, “Whaaaaat?”

We start our story with a 19-year-old girl named Caitlin (Lola Tash) walking up to a couple while they’re carrying groceries into their house (rude) and being all, “Oh hey, I think I’m you’re daughter. Surprise!” She shows the husband Gabe (Dylan Neal) a photo of her mother, who she says recently died, and he tells his wife Liz, in so many words, that he banged her before they met. Liz is played by Jennifer Beals, who unfortunately doesn’t do any dancing, flash or otherwise, in this movie.

Caitlin tells Gabe and Liz that she’s been living out of her car since her mom died, so of course they let her stay in their house until they can get a blood test done, at which point I said exasperatedly to the screen, “When will you Lifetime people learn?” Caitlin hangs out and acts sad, and when Gabe and Liz’s teenage son AJ (Spencer List) sees her, he starts flirting. Well, smiling at her creepily and asking if she’s friends with his parents, which I guess he considers flirting. That’s when Gabe comes over and is like, “Oh hey, that’s your sister. Awkward.”

Meanwhile we find out that Liz recently had a breakdown and left her job to go to a hospital, and she’s just now returning to work. Gabe isn’t sure if that’s such a good idea, and Liz is all, “Well, you don’t make us any money because you’re a washed up musician who’s taking too long with your new record, so I kind of have no choice. Asshole.” (I might have embellished.)

Liz starts to get suspicious of Caitlin pretty early, and that’s without even witnessing her trying on her jewelry while she’s out of the house… or the fact that Caitlin’s been working at a record store for three months even though she claims she just got the job. What Liz does see is Caitlin and Gabe making sweet music together in their basement. And also the eagerness with which he wiped her boobs off after she spilled something on her shirt. And the creepy way he touches her while they’re making burgers. She brings this up to Gabe, and he simply cannot believe she would imply he’s attracted to his maybe-daughter. Just like Caitlin can’t believe Liz would accuse her of deleting an important presentation from her computer.

So what’s going on? Is Caitlin really his daughter? Is she making it all up to get money and/or seduce him? Is Gabe really attracted to her? Is Liz just crazy? Are Gabe and Caitlin already in a relationship, and did they make up this story as part of an elaborate and very idiotic plan to get Liz out of the picture? We shall see.

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