The 9 Best Suggestions From #LifetimeBiopics Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud

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The 9 Best Suggestions From  LifetimeBiopics Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud Aaliyah gif1 gif

In case you aren’t hip to the latest news surrounding Lifetime, Television for Women, allow Twitter users everywhere to get you caught up. As everyone knows, Lifetime movies are notoriously awful (usually). While I haven’t really settled down for a bad made-for-TV movie since Tori Spelling and Meredith Baxter decided they were too good for them, I was well aware of the controversy surrounding the Aaliyah biopic. Which aired last night. To horrendous, cringe-inducing reviews (because duh). Here’s our recap, which I highly recommend because it’s even better than actually watching it.

Twitter seemed to agree, because before you knew it ‘#LifetimeBiopics’ was a trending topic. Tweeters everywhere showed up in droves to join in on the joke, and some of them had me ROFLMAO. Srsly. Enjoy!

Okay, this is kind of mean. But any excuse to use that throwback photo of The Rock is A-okay with me.

I can’t even bring myself to laugh at this one, because the resemblance to the actual Smokey Robinson is UN-FUCKING-CANNY.

Yep, partial to this one because #PittsburghPride. Sorry (not really).

This one is so funny Kevin Hart RT’d it with all the laughing/crying emojis he could muster. Love it.

I CANNOT. I just… cannot. Bravo, well done.

This is still funny even if Iggy Azalea is in on the joke.

Creepy Olsen twins are applicable to so many life situations.


I was waiting for a Kanye suggestion. Win.

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