The New Life Of Pi Trailer Looks So Good That I Now Must Find An Illegal Copy Of The Movie Online

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Ever since I saw the first Life of Pi trailer that revealed almost nothing, I got jazzed up about seeing this move. Just watching that trailer brought back the amazing rush of feelings I felt while reading the book. And now, the longer trailer inspires me to take the day off and spend it looking for an illegal copy of the movie online.

Not only does this trailer emphasize just how visually stunning the movie will be, but it also introduces the story to audiences who may have never read the book.  We meet Pi Patel ( Suraj Sharma) as a young man in India with hopes and dreams and a crush on a cute girl — and then we travel with him into the ocean as his family's boat sinks, leaving him all alone in the world with nothing but a ferocious tiger to keep him company.

Naturally he befriends the tiger, the two get married and end up raising a gaggle of tiger-children on a deserted island. It's an avant-garde rom-com based on a true story. (True in the sense that tigers do exist in the real world. As does the country India.)

Not since The Babysitters Club hit the big screen, have I been this excited for a book-to-film adaption to be in the theaters.

Watch the trailer below and just try to tell me that you feel differently.

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