Liberty Ross Files For Divorce From Rupert Sanders, Just In Time For Spring Fashion Week

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Remember Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders?  The director who dry-humped Kristen Stewart one day last summer for the world to see and his wife, the sometimes runway model?  Yeah, you probably just realized you were starting to forget all about them, since they're not really known for anything else.  Fear not, for the two are making headlines once more by filing for divorce six months after Rupert was caught with a boner over his Snow White.

Why, you ask?  We thought these two crazy kids were going to work it out!  I know, I know.  I'm just as distraught as you are.  But since no one had ever heard of Liberty Ross before her husband's dick let the world know what a moron he is, once he and Bella Swan made headlines everywhere Liberty got to walk the runway for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last fall.

Since most people think the entire “affair” was either a PR stunt or just plain creepy, and since plenty more interesting things have happened since last summer in Hollywood, I can only assume that career opportunities have fallen off the wayside for both Rupes and Libs.  Because again, no one had ever fucking heard of either of them before Kristen Stewart's Converse sneakers and chapped lips stole Rupert's heart.

But alas!  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is nigh once more!  There's a spring collection!  And a need for dour-faced models galore!  Perfect timing to snatch headlines a couple of weeks beforehand, eh?  Color me shocked if Liberty Ross isn't walking at least one runway in two weeks.  I might actually consider believing their marital woes are genuine.

Just kidding!

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