In Continued Publicity Stunt News, Liberty Ross Forgives Rupert Sanders For Cheating On Her With Kristen Stewart

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Well, in completely unsurprising news wronged wife Liberty Ross agreed to forgive her husband Rupert Sanders for cheating on her with Kristen Stewart. How convenient that this is all happening so quickly and so publicly. That would should be a very hard time for a family is being played out in front of the press. That a woman who “just found out” that her husband cheated on her with a 22-year-old was able to forgive him in less than a week.

While it might make little sense for people watching this drama unfold from the outside. It makes perfect sense to me. And to everyone else who believes that this entire scandal came from a marketing brainstorming session — and that everyone involved is playing their parts in a movie plot that we're getting to see play out in the media.

Just like any quality movie script, the Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson love affair needed an obstacle. They needed a reason for people to care about them again, they needed a reason for people to want to see them in the movie together. Specifically Breaking Dawn: Part 2.  And some brave scriptwriter, who's former job involved being  a publicist for the Twilight franchise, came up with the most brilliant PR stunt ever .

A scandalous affair! Scandalous, only because she's madly in love with Robert Pattinson. Not because she has sex. Sex is unforgiveable. Kissing can be filed under youthful discretion and foolish mistakes. People can forgive a harmless kiss. Or what did Liberty Ross just call it this morning? Oh right, “one of those silly flirtations.”

They just needed to cast the role of Kristen Stewart's one-night-car-make-out perfectly. Perfectly, of course, meaning finding someone willing to go along with a scandal that would tarnish their name in Hollywood forever.

And so they approached Rupert Sanders, the up-and-coming director of Snow White and the Huntsman with no mainstream name recognition. As a 41-year-old in Hollywood, his window to make it as a big director was closing and he needed this kind of boost to “make it” before it was too late.

And the perk of Rupert Sanders? He came with his wife Liberty Ross, an up-and-coming actress who also had no name recognition The cherry on top of the sundae? They have two young moppets who could pull at America's heartstrings from afar, but completely miss the scandal happening around them. It's hard to see turmoil in your home, when it's only happening on the front pages of Us Weekly.

“Not only will this push you and your wife into the national spotlight,” the team of publicsts told them, “but it will create incredible amount of curiosity and intrigue around the filming of Snow White and the Huntsman 2. Especially if Liberty plays Kristen's mother again in flashback scenes. Can you imagine how many people will want to see them acting together, as mother and daughter? Oh and don't worry about the kids. It's just a kiss and your act in this little PR Play will wrap up so quickly that they'll never know.  Within a few days you and Rupert will be reunited for the sake of the children. And yet, Liberty will still be able to get brownie points from casting directors who remember her as the poor, little wronged wife. And Rupert? Rupert just created a huge Hollywood scandal. He'll certainly get pats on the back from all the other men in Hollywood who could never score a hot, young actress like Kristen Stewart.”

And Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders agreed. Especially after hearing that their roles would only requires a week's worth of their time. In fact, less. The photos would come out on Tuesday night, Liberty Ross would be devastated by Wednesday morning, and reunited with her husband by Saturday. Just 5 days.

Then they would step aside and let the real drama unfold. They would let everyone across America start asking, “If Liberty Ross can forgive Rupert Sanders, maybe Robert Pattinson can forgive Kristen Stewart.”

Now we just wait for the next act to unfold. To see what kinds of tearful conversations are written into the script next. But don't hold your breath in suspense. We've all seen enough romantic movies to know how this will end.

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