Liam Is The ‘Daddy’ Of One Direction, But That Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

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Liam Payne in a tuxedo December 2013It's a Wednesday, so I know you're doing what we always do on Wednesdays — putting everyone famous into one giant family tree and trying to figure out who corresponds to which title. Obviously Miley Cyrus is the out-of-control daughter, and Alec Baldwin is the angry old uncle who throws his beer at the television, but what about the One Direction boys? Where do they fit into all this madness?

Well according to the lads, Liam Payne is the ‘daddy' of the group, which I actually find pretty surprising. He's definitely more qualified for the task than Justin Bieber‘s creepy show-daddy Scooter Braun, I've just never thought of Liam in this light before. At age twenty, he's not the youngest in the group; that honor goes to the always-adorable Harry Styles, a shoe-in for the baby of the family who gets away with everything. But he's also not the oldest, as Louis Tomlinson will be twenty-two on Christmas Eve and is solidly holding onto his position of ‘that cousin who you vaguely recognize when he shows up at events'.

So why is Liam the daddy? Well according to this video, released as an extra on the DVD of This Is Us, it's because he's suuuuuper committed to the group. Like, the most committed, to a degree that I didn't even realize. He takes the band so seriously that it seems like initially he rubbed the other guys the wrong way by giving notes to his band mates and always needing to be in charge of posing for pictures.

But as you can see, they're all back to normal now and able to make fun of themselves for not liking each other initially. So hurray! Christmas is saved! I hope the family puppy Niall Horan and the sullen teenager Zayn Malik find every single thing they could possibly want under the Christmas tree at the reunion.

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