Poor Liam Payne Is Trapped On A Boat Without Any Clothes In This Naked Instagram Photo

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I'm just glad that Sundays are for sweatpants and being lazy, because I don't know if I had enough characters left to fit “NSFW” in that title!  But seriously, let's all come together and pray for Liam Payne of One Direction, because he's not spending his Sunday in sweatpants.  In fact, he's not wearing any pants at all today. Or…anything else for that matter, except a grainy pixelation of his private parts.  The poor boy is trapped on a boat and it appears as though all of his clothes have been taken from him, including his unders.  Tsk, tsk.  I mean, what if one of the social media-savvy Duggar daughters happened upon this pic?  There's not a Sinless Swimming Costume in sight!

Things have been kinda quiet on the One Direction front lately, so I guess this is a nice way of being like “Oh hi, I'm still here” in a subtle, friendly way.  I mean, I'm not sure how Bert and the other residents of Sesame Street would feel if they knew the same guy who sang the alphabet with the gang earlier this summer is all BEHOLD MY MANHOOD, HORNY TEENAGERS OF INSTAGRAM right now.

Whatever.  Anything's better than Justin Bieber's PPOV half-naked selfie last month.  Oh, what's “PPOV” stand for, you ask?  No that's not a typo, doll.  It stands for Penis Point Of View.  You're welcome.  And I'm sorry.  But please allow this photo of Liam to be the cherry on top of your Sunday sundae, if for no other reason than it brought about the hashtag “#ShowUsYour10Inch” from a coy, classy young lass.

(GIF: Tumblr)