Liam Hemsworth’s New Hairstyle Is More ’90s Than Dial-Up Internet

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Liam Hemsworth Kids' Choice Awards March 2015

I bought a pack of Fruit Stripe gum this weekend, and I guess I must have inadvertently resurrected the ghost of the 1990s, because Liam Hemsworth debuted a rather dated new hairstyle at the Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday. That's a pretty good place to show it off, if you think about it, considering how many '90s kids were raised by Nickelodeon.

I didn't even think haircuts like that were possible anymore. Aren't haircutting scissors designed to avoid that kind of style? How did that even happen, and why am I suddenly digging my old Tamagotchi out of storage? The fact that he has a beard is really throwing me off, because I'm so used to seeing this style on clean-shaven teen heartthrobs and guys I had a crush on in the fourth grade. Beards and center-parted bangs just do not go together. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, LIAM?!

Of course there are some comparisons being made to famous '90s idols. I've seen several references to Leonardo DiCaprio, which I take issue with, because Leo's style as I remember it was always parted on the side. It looked way more grown-up and framed his face much better and hung in his eyes just so and sometimes he ran his fingers through it to get it out of his face and oh my god I think just went through puberty again.

Leonardo DiCaprio Titanic


Buzzfeed mentions Nick Carter, which is definitely closer, but thankfully Liam didn't go platinum blond for his look. Please don't get any ideas from this, Liam.

Nick Carter 90s


I'd like to offer up Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a possible comparison, even though Liam's forehead curtains are longer and more open. It just goes to show how many different variations there have been on this classically horrible hairdo.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas


What other '90s trends will celebrities start rocking now? Will we see sweatshirts around the waist? Backwards baseball caps? Crusty bangs? Tattoo chokers? Jelly shoes? Oh please, not jelly shoes. They smell so bad.

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