Liam Hemsworth Tells Heartwarming Story About Jennifer Lawrence And Kangaroo Sex

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Jennifer Lawrence Liam Hemsworth Catching Fire

Last night Liam Hemsworth went on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to talk about what it's like to grow up in the shadow of Chris Hemsworth's perfectly sculpted face. And/or to talk about Catching Fire, which finally comes out this month. After seeing teaser trailers and (even more offensively) teaser GIFs, we're finally going to see what the whole thing looks like when it's all put together. And I could not be more excited! Seriously, I've been working on my premiere side braid every single night for the past few weeks.

While we wait for the movie to come out (and people in obsessive fandoms, aren't we always waiting for something?), we're getting the wonderful opportunity to hear from the cast as they go from talk show to talk show talking about each other. Since Jennifer Lawrence is the star of the movie as well as all our best-friendship dreams, she obviously comes up the most.

Yesterday Josh Hutcherson talked about kissing her (squee!) and last night Liam talked about working with her on set. Unsurprisingly, she's totally hilar when the cameras are turned off. For example, one time, right before she and Liam were supposed to go on to the set and do some acting, she turned to him and asked him if he'd ever had kangaroo sex. Then, get this, she walked on to the set and did her scene perfectly. Meanwhile Liam's stuck on the sidelines trying to figure out what's going on. A feeling he should probably be more used to after having been engaged to Miley Cyrus. Could J.Law be more of a lovable weirdo? Based on how many people have asked me about my kangaroo relations lately (zero), I'll go ahead and say no.

I'll let you watch the rest of the interview as well as the *new* Catching Fire clip yourself. I just figured it was my duty to alert you that marsupial sex would be discussed.

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