Liam Hemsworth’s Love And Honor Just Looks Like Zac Efron’s The Lucky One With Less Shirtless Shots And A Bad Accent

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Liam Hemsworth Love and Honor trailer shirtless Teresa Palmer Vietnam The Lucky One Zac EfronI can't pinpoint where exactly in his career Liam Hemsworth decided to make a war movie, but it must've been after he started filming The Hunger Games, because in this trailer for Love and Honor he's got the dark hair from playing Gale Hawthorne. His American accent is even more unbelievable here; at least when he's in Panem he can throw a little of the Australian back in there, plus in dystopias people talk weirdly anyway. But for the time being, Liam is an American soldier fighting in Vietnam, who decides to take a joyride back to the States with his buddy so he can catch up with his girlfriend. (“I'm only AWOL if I don't make it back on time!”)

Aimee Teegarden is the girl Liam's buddy left back home, who's since taken up with a bunch of hippies protesting the war. You'd think this would be awkward, but at first the revolutionaries are welcoming of the two soldiers who've decided to drop by. And of course, Liam is immediately drawn to Aimee's friend Teresa Palmer, a spitfire who doesn't take his bad flirting and other bullshit.

Love and Honor looks pretty standard—you imagine one of the guys will have a crisis of faith regarding the war, and things get really hairy when both of them get pegged as deserters because they happen to come along to a rally. But judging from the trailer, the major conflict is Liam getting shipped off and whether he'll come back to Teresa. It's part Dear John, part Across the Universe, part I-don't-really-care-there-are-better-war-movies.

I dunno, but I'm just kinda underwhelmed by this trailer. Maybe it's because Liam isn't shirtless nearly enough, though there is a funny sequence where he ends up smearing grease all over his chest. Or perhaps I just feel like I got my quota of “hot soldier yearning for a tortured blonde” with Zac Efron in last year's The Lucky One. Then again, Zac's movie also had that hot-looking sex scene set to that awful, whiny pop song.

And you know how I mentioned Dear John earlier? That had Channing Tatum! Really, Liam should just focus all his energy on playing Gale in Catching Fire and Mockingjay, and on getting married to Miley Cyrus. He doesn't need to waste his precious time on bad movies.