A Bromance For The Ages: Liam Hemsworth Tells Lovely Story About Throwing Up With Josh Hutcherson

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Liam Hemsworth Josh Hutcherson Gale Peeta outfitsIf you woke up this morning craving proof that fairy tales are real and love is alive and bromances aren't made up by movies starring Ashton Kutcher, look no further than this story that Liam Hemsworth told on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night about his friendship with his Catching Fire co-star Josh Hutcherson. Even though he went on the show to promote Paranoia, he ended up talking about his obsession with the fast food chain White Castle. Since they don't exist in Australia, he'd always assumed that Harold & Kumar made them up for the sake of the movie. Then he arrived in America, found out they were a real chain and made it his personal mission to eat at one. It's like how I've made it my personal mission to go to Australia, smuggle a baby koala home, name it Harry Styles and raise it as my own.

Luckily for Liam, his life goal didn't take too long to accomplish. While filming The Hunger Games together in North Carolina, Josh Hutcherson offered to take him to a White Castle near his house in Kentucky. Long, beautiful, epic story short, they bought “three or four of these briefcases of White Castle,” ate them all and then proceeded to throw up together in Josh's garden. Turns out the body does not like eating three or four briefcases full of White Castle. It also turns out that yakking in unison's some kind of brotherly bonding experience because Liam says that's the exact moment that he and Josh became really good friends. And the rest we know is history.

After that night, they bought a house together, grilled manly meats on the barbie once a week, bruddled (bro-cuddled, duh) while watching sporting events on TV and invited Jennifer Lawrence over once a week to play foosball and giggle about Finnick Odair's body. 

(Photo: Entertainment Weekly)