Liam Hemsworth Carried Jennifer Lawrence’s Handbag Up The Great Wall Of China

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Liam Hemsworth Carried Jennifer Lawrence s Handbag Up the Great Wall of China Liam Hemsworth Great Wall of China Jimmy Kimmel jpg

You know how some ladies have their boyfriends hold their handbags for them while they’re in a dressing room or a bathroom or busy beating someone up? Well, Jennifer Lawrence took things a step further during her visit to the Great Wall of China with her Mockingjay co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. Liam was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and he told Jimmy all about his experience carrying Jen’s bag up the Great Wall for her while wearing a panda hat. All in a day’s work.

Apparently, while Justin Bieber is the type of celebrity who tires of using his feet and has his bodyguards carry his entire body up the iconic landmark, Jennifer Lawrence is the type who tires of carrying her own handbag and has her co-star do it. You might think it’s because she was the one taking the photo and needed her hands free, but Liam says someone else was the photographer. As he explains, “Jen didn’t want to carry her handbag anymore, which is [meaningful pause that I could write several sonnets about] like Jen.” Ohhh boy.

Because I’m on a new diet that requires me to limit my daily intake of scoldings from Jennifer Lawrence fans, I’m going to choose not to talk about that part and instead focus on how nice Liam was for taking on Jen’s Valentino-designed burden and being man enough to share a photo of it on national television. I hope he’s getting more sleep now, since he said he had some pretty “horrific” dreams while in China. So horrific he wouldn’t even say what they were. Maybe they were about having to carry Jennifer Lawrence’s handbag up the Great Wall of China. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop myself.)