Eiza Gonzalez Is ‘In Love’ With Liam Hemsworth — So Glad They’re Taking It Slow

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Liam Hemsworth at Mayweather fight September 2013In case you were afraid that Liam Hemsworth‘s judgement might be slightly skewed post-break-up with Miley Cyrus, don't worry — he's behaving calmly and rationally and not rushing into one single thing. Unless you count falling in love with a girl he's known for less than a week in which case OH MY GOD PUMP THE BRAKES LIAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING.

Liam and his rumored new ladyfriend/spit-swapper Eiza Gonzalez only met last weekend and started smooching it up on the reg, but she's apparently already telling people that the two of them are in love. Oh this is so great. I can't wait to see how this goes:

“They met in Las Vegas at XS Nightclub during the Mayweather fight in the VIP section. They spent that night together! Eiza says they are in love! They’ve moved really fast.”

What a great idea. I really loved the way things went the last time that Liam rushed into something (read: the total meltdown of one Miss Miley Cyrus), so I can't wait to see what he's learned in the meantime! Just to be safe, let's start this relationship off with a nice, healthy break from each other. Oh you've already thought of that, lovebirds? WONDERFUL.

“They’ll be apart because he’s back filming the Hunger Games sequels and she’s promoting Los Croods in Mexico City.”

Excellent! This is going smashingly! I couldn't have written it better myself, if I was writing the tale of two people who met at a boxing match, banged that night, and then pledged their love to each other as the sun rose and ‘Wrecking Ball‘ played mournfully over the hotel clock radio.

(Image: Judy Eddy / WENN.com)