Let’s Talk About That Time Amanda Bynes And Liam Hemsworth Hooked Up

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Liam Hemsworth at Hunger Games photocall May 2013There is a weird, creepy love quadrangle happening between Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Amanda Bynes, and if I'm being honest, I can't take my eyes off of it. Sure, the increasingly erratic actions of one member of said triangle suggest that she shouldn't be held responsible for her actions, but the other three are perfectly sane, so I'm gonna go ahead and address this. Amid increasing reports that Miley and Liam have called off their engagement — and probably that whole relationship thing too — Justin and Amanda have stepped onto the scene to complicate the situation…to my complete and everlasting glee.

Justin and Miley are being seen out together so many places that they might as well be dating, even if they're not, and Amanda Bynes proves she was playing the long con by being shown to have hooked up with Liam back in 2009, in the beforetimes. (Pre-Miley, for him, and pre-meltdown, for her.) Look! There are even incredibly grainy photos of them snoogling (that's a combination of ‘snuggling' and ‘canoodling') at an LA club back in the day.

Liam Hemsworth and Amanda Bynes hanging out at a club in 2009 Liam Hemsworth taking a picture of Amanda Bynes at a club in 2009

According to a source family with the pair, and with the pictures, “They hooked up twice, then it just fizzled,” but yes, “they were involved at the time.” This is very exciting, you guys, very exciting indeed. It means we likely have many exciting tweets ahead of us from Amanda, like the one she posted the other day saying:

‘Liam Helmsworth is the most gorgeous man on the face of the earth other than Tanz Watson. FYi!'

Pay no attention to the fact that she misspelled Liam's name and later deleted the tweet — these are exciting times. Especially because Amanda has selected Miley as her newest victim in her online “you're ugly” campaign, and ALSO because Liam recently joined Twitter (lured by Amanda's siren song?!?!) even though he was the one who asked Miley to get off of it in the first place. GUYS. This love-square is so drama-filled. I'm on the edge of my seat.

(Images: Lia Toby / WENN.com / Oceanup.com via InTouch Weekly)