The Hemsworth Brothers Star In An Epic Sequel To ‘Charlie Bit Me,’ Proving Just How Far The Internet Has Come

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Liam Hemsworth Bitman Begins

Last night Jimmy Kimmel put on his annual post-Oscars show, and as usual it was star-studded. I've grown pretty weary of Jimmy's pranking shenanigans lately, but he does put together some great bits every so often that don't involve making people think a young woman set herself on fire while twerking. I must admit his latest epic movie spoof tickled my funny bone, mostly because it features Chris and Liam Hemsworth speaking with those Australian accents. Plus Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks also make cameo appearances, which you really can't object to. I think it's illegal.

I'm about to tell you the plot of this video, and I want you to bear with me here, because you might think I'm pulling your leg, but I promise this is the actual premise. It's a fake trailer for a movie called Bitman Begins, which is a sequel to the classic 2007 YouTube video “Charlie Bit My Finger,” also known as “Charlie Bit Me,” also known as that video you and your friends sent to each other with the subject line “LOLOLOL” when the Internet was still in its early stages of viral-ability.  Chris and Liam play those cute little British boys all grown up. Even though their accents have changed ever so slightly, I find this casting to be pretty great.

This video just goes to show how far we've come as an Internet community in just seven short years. We started out giving hundreds of millions of views to a weird video of a kid complaining that his little brother nibbled on his finger, and now talk show hosts are putting together star-studded parody videos specifically designed to go viral the next day. It can't just be an accidental phenomenon anymore. It's a calculated move, because the Internet is a dog eat dog place, and cute biting children ain't gonna cut it anymore. We've seen everything. We need quality production values and A-list celebrities.

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